Wholeness Therapies

       Holistic Massage

What makes it different from other massages?

Holistic means whole or complete, so holistic massage is about treating the whole person not just the body which may be tight or painful.

I believe that everything in our bodies is connected. We all know how mental and emotional stress can give us tight, painful muscles in maybe our shoulders, neck or back so it is good to reconnect the physical with the mental and emotional parts of ourselves.

Massage can help us do this by relaxing us back into our bodies so we can truly feel what is happening in our lives.

"It helps us put our attention back onto our body


we can tell the difference between what we are feeling


what we are thinking"

It is also really easy to get into bad habits in how we sit, particulaly at a computer or even how we stand or sleep. With the help of massage we become more aware of our bodies and how we hold them. This can help us to change these habits and the problems they cause.

Benifits of Massage

Decreases Anxiety

Relieves Stress

Pain relief from tense painful muscles

Enhances Relaxation

Improves Sleep

Reduces Fatigue

Improves Circulation

Strengthens Immune System

Lowers High Blood Pressure

How I Work

We start with a conversation to see what is needed.

I work on a futon mattress on the floor.

This provides a safe comfortable base for you to relax.

You will be covered with towels at all times, I only uncover the area which I am massaging.

I use only natural Almond oil with or without the addition of a few essential oils which help to aid relaxation.

I work very intuitively, using a variety of techniques- massage,deep massage, stretching and energy work.

My aim is that you feel deeply relaxed on all levels .

These are a few things my clients in the UK said;

‘’I felt relaxed and refreshed afterwards’’

‘’I still feel relaxed’’ ( 6 hours later )

‘’I find Sheila’s treatments the perfect antidote to a stressful day. Hard enough to remove the knots yet gentle enough to relax’’

‘’It was very relaxing and destressing. I was that relaxed I fell asleep!! Very beneficial and will definitely do again.’’

‘’Someone once said to me ‘the art of business is knowing when to relax.’ After half an hour’s massage I understood the wisdom of these words; It enables a moment of respite and reflection and induces a revived approach.’’

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