Wholeness Therapies

The Power of Touch

The Power of touch is one of the most healing things that we can give or recieve.

In today's world, society and religion has turned most touch into a sexual sin.

It has been proved that babies who do not recieve enough loving touch do not thrive, or grow up with deep issues of insecurity. Babies who do recieve enough have the inner confidence to go out into life and live it to the full.

As adults we have been so conditioned that touch is not socially good that we have lost touch with the fact that we still need and long to be touched.( obviously in an appropriate way)

When I talk about touch ,I am talking about loving touch which has no agenda, the touch on an arm of a friend, a loving hug , holding a hand etc. This is the sort of touch which releases endorphins in our body , which makes us feel good.

Animals and small children who are still in touch with their instincts will naturally touch and hug each other.

Safe loving touch signals safety, trust, compassion and is soothing.

"To touch can be to give life" Michelangelo

One way to recieve safe loving touch is by having a massage or reflxology session.

Here we can really relax and allow the touch to nurture us, relax us deeply and really come back into connection with our own body and our feelings.

In my work as a massage therapist and Biodanza facilitator I have observed the wonderful benifits of touch.People begin to open up to life and start to blossom.

by Sheila Holness 2015

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